To reduce risks and save costs call:


Our Approach flow chart

Our consulting approach

In order for us to understand a client’s needs and build a long-term, sustainable
relationship, we start our process by doing a basic survey. Naturally each client is
unique and therefore we gather all the necessary information regarding the
client’s business model, business culture, existing safety management system and needs and ethics. After compiling and analysing all the abovementioned information, we determine the best suited solutions for each client.

The cost of any project will depend on the complexities of the working environment, the risks of your site, the status of existing health and safety programme (if any) and your certification/compliance goals.

Health and Safety Management Programme Costs

The cost of a project is determined by the following factors:

  • The complexities of the working environment,
  • The risks that are customary to your site,
  • The status of your current health and safety programme,
  • And your certification or compliance goals.